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Student Wellness Education And Resources

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued and the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) transitioned to online learning, students were abandoned in a period of isolation and mental strain. Our founders and SDUSD high school seniors, Catherine Delgado and Hannah Griswold, created the Student Wellness Education and Resources (SWEAR Committee) to fight for the mental health and wellness of students districtwide. With two student representative positions available to every SDUSD high school, the SWEAR Committee is leading the effort to reform how SDUSD views and addresses mental health as an essential factor in education and wellness. The SWEAR Committee also plans to expand their initiatives into middle and elementary schools over the next few years.

The SWEAR Committee is founded on the belief that to effectively support students, it is not enough to address the issue in the short-term; we must instead implement systematic, long-term, large-scale solutions. We aim to achieve this mission through a commitment to mental health and wellness curriculum development. By educating students on coping mechanisms for basic wellness and also on serious mental health illnesses that could affect them, their friends, classmates, or family, we believe that SDUSD students will have the knowledge and resources to lead more happy, healthy, and productive lives. 

The SWEAR Committee connects students, teachers, counselors, administrators, and district officials to each other in order to share important resources, coordinate efforts, and create valuable connections. At SWEAR, our student representatives drive our creation of goals and methods of implementing change. SWEAR representatives establish student-run groups and partner with faculty to implement our initiatives at their respective high schools. These students are the most dedicated, passionate, and driven mental health champions and youth leaders in San Diego, and we remain committed to empowering their voices.

Our Mission

Join our fight for SDUSD students' mental health and wellness!

Our mission is to empower and connect youth advocates for student wellness by supporting mental health campaigns at every SDUSD high school, incorporating mental health education into curriculum, and increasing access to resources. We aim to bridge the gap between schools in an effort to create a more standardized system of addressing mental health issues districtwide.

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